Bharat P. Gajjar, has passed an specialised Certificate Course of Institute of CAs of India (ICAI) for Valuation. On award of this qualification, Bharat Gajjar has passed, obtained and awarded with all the professional qualification available in INDIA for the fraternity of VALUATION.
Our Promoter Director Mr. Bharat P. Gajjar has received the Bench Mark Recognition and Registration from CBDT as Govt. Registered Valuer for Plant & Machinery also. By achieving this, he has become one of the rare professionals in India, having dual & composite professional qualifications, recognitions, registrations both in terms of fields of Technical and Financial Professional Services. By now, in addition to his specialized Master Degree Qualifications respectively for Valuation of Real Estate as well Plant & Machinery with Gold Medals in a row as University Topper, has become compositely CBDT Registered Govt. Approved Valuer for (a) Real Estate/Immovable property (b) Plant & Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles and (c) Stock Share, Business and Intangibles.
MitaGajjar,one of the Founder Directors ofGajjar Techno Economic Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,has passed and obtained the Professional Qualification of Master of Valuation (in Real Estate) with Distinction.  Thus she possessed the highestqualificationinthe fraternity of Valuation in India.

Our Director, MitaGajjarhas received bench mark recognition and registration from CBDT as Govt. Registered Valuer for Real Estate/Immovable Assets.

Further to her Professional Qualification in Valuation, she has also passed and obtained additional two professional qualification in the fields of Finance and Legal such as - Master of Business Administration (Finance) &Bachelor of Law (Special) and has also enrolled her name as an Advocate on the State Roll maintained by ‘The Bar Council of Gujarat’.

MitaGajjar is a Member in Real Estate Valuation of Centre for Valuation Studies, Research & Training Association (CVSRTA)

She has been honoured and received ‘Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development’ from All India Achiever’s Foundation.

Our Director, MitaGajjar is one of the rare Professionals in India,who possess multiple, and composite Qualifications in the fields of Technical, Financial and Legal Professional Services.
Since the inception, we at Gajjar Techno-Economic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. have endeavored to achieve heights of success by proving our competence and the immense potential of our strategic team. Receiving confidence from our valued patrons is a constant phenomenon, and with clear conviction thereof, we became a 'Company' from firm in order to render services to various institutions - services that are not simply restricted to one genus of expertise. We dared to dream big and came together to combine the strategic advantages of finance and technical services “under one roof”.

Trustworthiness is our utmost precious asset. Through our diligent service, remarkable expertise, coupled with truly impartial assessment of the given problems, we have in no time attained the valuable trust and confidence of various renowned and notable organizations. Slowly, steadily, cautiously but with clear conviction, we have risen to a level of recognition that is now inherent with our identity. Besides the accreditation by leading Corporates, Industries, Insurers and Government Undertakings, we have been enrolled and empanelled by more than fifteen Banks and Financial Institutions for multifaceted techno-fin professional services. This has become possible through confidence of our valued patrons in our services, their constant inspiration and appreciation, and through our strong association of professionals; that will still lead to a brighter future and more prospective beneficial alliances in mutual interest.